Buying your own home in 7 steps

Here are some things to keep in mind when buying a home

Buying a property is always a significant financial undertaking and often a life-changing decision. It is therefore advisable to carefully consider all the key aspects before purchasing your home. After all, your desire for your own four walls should stand on a secure foundation and also give you a positive feeling in the future.

#1 The right object



It is understandable that you have an exact idea of ​​your dream house. However, we strongly recommend that you do not rush into your search. In addition to the current purchase prices, you should also keep an eye on future developments. This way you can see in good time whether it is an up-and-coming region or whether the value of your property will fall in the future.


It’s also a good idea to consider hiring a real estate agent. If you don’t have the time to deal intensively with the situation, a real estate agent can be an advantage. However, if you have the time and interest, you can save thousands of dollars in brokerage fees that you can use to finance or renovate your home instead.


Once you have found a suitable object, it is advisable to carry out a thorough examination. It is advisable to determine the current market value using online tools. However, to get an even more accurate assessment, you should hire an appraiser who can uncover possible flaws.


It is important to have a clear strategy and set a firm price range before negotiating the price. Because in the heat of the negotiations and under the influence of the anticipation of the new home, it can happen that you pay too high a price. Therefore, it is advisable to act prudently when buying a home.

#2 The budget



Before you buy your home, it’s important to do thorough financial planning. A precise calculation of your income and expenses gives you information about how much money you can raise for the purchase of a property. Consider not only the acquisition costs, but also the running costs, such as the monthly repayment of the loan. A professional financial advisor can help you determine the scope for a loan from the banks, making it easier to finance your dream home.


When setting up your monthly budget, you should always compare income and expenses, but calculate carefully. If you underestimate your budget, even a small unexpected financial burden, such as buying a new washing machine, can mess up your loan repayment. Larger purchases, such as a car, or unexpected events such as prolonged unemployment can jeopardize the entire financing. It is therefore advisable to calculate conservatively in order to use excess money for a special repayment.

#3 Everything noticed?



Purchasing a property is a combination of numerous small and large aspects. However, there is a risk of forgetting important things in the excitement of the buying process. It is therefore advisable to first create a checklist and work through it step by step. The ancillary costs in particular should be kept in mind and it is advisable to plan a budget for renovation or modernization work right from the start. Even if you intend to do a lot of things yourself, unexpected situations can arise in which you need professional help. Therefore, it makes sense to consider these unforeseen costs in advance.

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